Friday, December 21, 2007

Doctor of Objectivism

The Randzapper has been awfully quiet lately, so I decided I'd take over, and present a few more WTF moments in internet Objectivist history. On the ObjectivismOnline forum, a young and impressional high schooler Tom Rexton wonders if writing his college essay about his idol, Ayn Rand, would jeopardize his chances of admission. "non-contradictor" asks incredulously "Would you really want to go to a college that refuses you admission because you write about Ayn Rand?" Yeah, that's really logical and totally non contradictory, to deprive yourself of an education and degree just because the college thinks [rightly] that Rand is a loon.

But frother JMeganSnow takes the cake with her incisive and scathing reply:
Respected? By whom? For what?

On first glance this appears as a simple application of the fact that you have no obligation to go around incriminating yourself, however, I think that acting in this way is very dishonest on a personal level.

I place zero value on appearances . . . on attaching myself to a prestigious school, program, professor, or whatever. What is "prestige" . . . it is appearance without substantiation. To me, respect is a VERY personal matter that is based solely on my appraisal of a individual or group of individuals. Largely because I learned that other people's opinions are generally, well, crap, pardon my French.

You (speaking generally) cannot use an anti-Objectivism program as a springboard for promotion of Objectivism. It can't be done; you will experience such violent resistance on all levels that you will either be forced to compromise over and over, thus distorting your message beyond recognition, or they will break you and destroy your love of philosophy. You cannot really achieve a value without exercising the corresponding virtues; honesty and integrity.

If the University wants to know what your values are before admitting you, TELL THEM. You will accomplish nothing by failing to call a spade a spade. There are other Universities, and, if not, there are libraries, there are public forums (such as this one) there are MANY MANY means of acquiring an education.

An education is simply a means to an end, not the end itself, and if you want to succeed you need to treat it as such. By all means, write that essay about Ayn Rand's books, IF those are honestly the most influential books you have encountered.

Did you hear that guys? Now going on Objectivist forums and talking to SMRT people like JMeganSnow is a viable alternative to getting a university degree!

It's pretty obvious that Megan places no importance on outward appearances. Her inner Objectivist radiance is all she needs to land her the Galt of her dreams. Boys, if you haven't checked out her profile photo yet, you should - she's hottt.

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Jay said...

Yeah, that's really logical and totally non contradictory, to deprive yourself of an education and degree just because the college thinks [rightly] that Rand is a loon.

Whether the college thinks Rand is a loon is irrelevant. Admissions essays should be judged on the structure, organization, and skill of the writing. Therefore, an admissions officer who ignores those positive traits (assuming they exist) in favor of personal biases against Rand might reveal that the school is dishonest. Probably many schools are, but when you're talking about spending $30,000/yr, honesty should at least be a high priority.