Friday, December 21, 2007

The Iron Ring

The iron ring is a ring presented to Canadian engineers upon graduation. It is worn on the pinky finger of the working hand. To the untrained eye, the Ring looks like it was manually hammered into shape. It is designed to be a practical symbol of the profession, and not a piece of decorative jewelry. Definitely a Rand-friendly concept, eh? There was a guy who gave his ring to his girlfriend, and depending on her mood or feelings about his relationship with him, she would wear it on different fingers. That sounds a like real life Hank and Lillian Rearden scenario with the Rearden metal bracelet he gave her, huh?

However, the iron ring does not merely symbolize of the superiority of engineers, but also to remind them of their their duty [!] to their profession and to society [oh noez!]. An urban legend says the ring is made of an alloy of metals scavenged from engineering disasters representing each form of engineering (eg, a collapsed bridge, faulty medical equipment). Thank god Canadian engineers are more grounded than Rearden et al.

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