Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ayn Rand and Anna Nicole Smith

One thing James Valliant did in his Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics was defend Rand's menage a trois with her husband Frank and acolyte Nathan. Valliant says that Frank did not mind, and in fact had a cuckolding fetish (where he gets off thinking of his wife with another man). Nathan Branden (or some other Objectivist but I think it's Branden) also mentioned somewhere that it is ok, and not just ok, but your moral duty to gawk at people you find attractive, and tell your partner about it. Your partner, being the paragon of Objective reason that he/she will ipso facto agree with you, and applaud you for your honesty and want to bone you even more for it. Rand herself professed to admire female beauty and not be jealous of other women.

The tabloid paperback Blonde Bombshell writes that Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern made out and did gay things for Anna Nicole Smith's pleasure. I bet Ayn would have enjoyed that too, and maybe she did [!], except she was too homophobic to admit it.



The concept of a threesome or group sex appeals to me too, but I don't think it would work for me in practice. It's natural to be attracted to good looking people other than your partner. I know I am, and I expect my boyfriend would be too. I guess I'm too old fashioned or vanilla, but it doesn't really please me to think of him with another woman now, and I think he feels the same about me. If he comments about a hot girl, I either go "Hrrmmmmm" like Marge Simpson, or talk about some hot guy to even things out.

When I was younger I used to see it like a salt crystal, that just because you formed an ionic bond with one moiety, it doesnt prevent you from having ionic interactions with other charged moieties, and you finally get a crystal.
But as time goes on I think a successful relationship is more like a covalently bonded molecule


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Anonymous said...

oh THAT Howard Stern.
had me going for a minute. wild visuals. but hey, not a tabloid watcher since they quit making the Weekly World News.

Moony said...

Been there, done that, and orgies are easy; long-term polyamorous relationships OTOH require so much continuous negotiation that you end up with no time for anything else, and no energy for sex.

Just as a matter of passing interest what is the Objectivist position on sex work and workers?

Meg's Marginalia said...

Being libertarian, she would probably support the legalization of prostitution, but since she was such a prude, she would have been too ~scandalized~ to talk about it.