Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ayn Rand and Britney

Britney is my favorite celebrity to keep tabs on. I read all the latest news on her that I can get my hands on. Aside from Ayn Rand, who of course is the most rational person to want to follow around and gossip about, I love Britney.



I think I see some kind of resemblance. Or maybe it's just the similar angle of photography, and that they're both totally bonkers.

Here is a slightly old link from Objectivist porn site Body in Mind (of course it touts its wares as "artistic nudes"): Britney can teach us semiconductor physics!

"Is it alchemy? No. It's advanced beauty physics. The fellow who created the site knows the value of mixing sexuality with one's highest values - with moral values like, in this case, intelligence, science and engineering, though the same is true in any case, whatever your highest values might be...

Can one learn semiconductor physics from Britney Spears? Why not? Nothing conducts female beauty better than an alloy made from equal parts of sexuality and morality."

I actually emailed the webmaster of the site while i was still an Objecti-fembot about some of the stuff he posted, and he asked me if i wanted to be a "spokesmodel" for Objectivism IE pose nude for his website. Bleurgh.

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Michael Prescott said...

The young Ayn may just possibly have borne a passing resemblence to Britney from certain angles, in certain light, maybe.

The old Ayn, on the other hand, greatly resembled UPI reporter Helen Thomas.