Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devers Branden and Ayn Rand

Here's an article by Nathan Branden's third wife, Mrs. Devers Branden about her encounter with Ayn Rand. An engaging and humorous read, it describes Rand in her winter years as somewhat batty and paranoid, but still distinctively the Ayn Rand we know too well.

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Nathan and Devers have since divorced. Damn, this Nathan Branden guy just can't seem to stay married. This does not prevent him from publishing books about romantic love and acting as a life coach and marriage counselor. I'd take his advice with more than a grain of salt.

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Neil Parille said...

I want to listen to the tape recording that Devers made. Hearing Rand when she didn't think anyone was listenting must be something, like her marginalia that the ARI published a few years back -- "the God damn bastard," etc.

I bet even Jim Valliant would have to admit that Rand was a bit eccentric after hearing the tape.