Friday, February 29, 2008

Meg's Rack: A is A cups



Jelly said...

Existence is identitty.

I've never thought about boobs philosophically before, but, ya know, they're very altruistic. They're primarily there to feed helpless others, and when used for their secondary purpose they usually bring way more joy to the fondler than the fondlee*. So I think the Objectivist view must be the smaller the better. Compared to big floppy double Ds, perky A cups are the lesser evil. Less altruistic, therefore more virtuous.

Anyhoo, Meg, you should start your own super secret blog and mailing list where we can share pics of our Objecti-virtues. Unlike the thought of Hsieh doing so, my gag reflex isn't triggered by the idea of Meg's Noodz. We could all pitch in. I might even be willing to post pics of my hairy binswanger.


*Proof: Any normal hetero dude would get in his car right now and drive however long it took if he had a chance to examine firsthand a typical Objectirack, but I doubt that the average rack owner would be all that excited about letting him, let alone be willing to drive to him to be examined.

Michael Prescott said...

>I might even be willing to post pics of my hairy binswanger.

LOL! I'm so glad I don't drink coffee near my keyboard ...