Friday, March 7, 2008

Robert Bass' response to Richard Lawrence

Commenter MAC has brought to my attention that Robert Bass has posted a response to Richard Lawrence's rebuttal of his Objectivism criticism An Inconsistent Triad.

I had a brief conversation with Robert via email.

MM: Hi, Robert. I included a link to your site on my blog and commenter MAC (Mark) informed me that you have another posted a response to the criticism of your criticism, and it was discussed on another blog. I'm not a philosopher or Objectivist so I'm can't really comment on the technical parts of your criticism. My blog is about criticisms of Objectivism, and I would like to feature your second response. Is there anything else you would like to add for my readers?

RB: Thanks for writing, Meg. For your readers, I'd add the following:

After Richard Lawrence's second reply, I realized that he was likely to continue replying to whatever I wrote on the subject. I did not and do not find his replies satisfactory. I think they misconstrued some of the issues and left unaddressed important parts of the argument, but I'm not optimistic that I will ever convince him of that or that it's worth my while to try. Hence, I'm willing to leave him with the last word.

Best wishes,

MM: Which issues specifically do you think were miscontrued and/or unaddressed? And how or why do you think they were misconstrued or unaddressed?

RB: It's been quite awhile since I looked at it and made that decision. I do not have time to return to it now. I'll let my previous comment stand without elaboration. I disagree, but I'm content to let him have the last word.

Maybe someday Robert will post another follow up. Or maybe not, since he probably has better things to do.


Jay said...

Meg, I'm leaving for the beautiful outer banks of North Carolina in a few days for spring break. Now...if I don't get at least one more ping on Objectivism's bra straps because of that person in the other thread, there's gonna be some problems!

Just kidding...but seriously, don't throw in the blogging towel!

meg said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks for your nice words:) I was away in Philly this weekend and I'm pretty swamped with work right now, but after Tuesday when the bulk of my stuff is done, I'll maybe try to post again. I can't promise, but we'll see what happens.
- Meg