Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tamara Fuller

Isn't Tamara Fuller (CEO of Founders College) also on the Board of Directors of Howard Bank? Anyone know why she isn't listed on Howard Bank's website any more?

ARCHN commenter Behemoth
points us to Founder's College 2007 final exam, question #5. Apparently it covers the same topic as an ARCHN post made by Greg. I'm no philosopher, so I can't comment on the philosophy, but I do think it's funny that the hypothetical company in the question is named Archna Consulting Group.


Jay said...

Very interesting, I'm sure that's gotta be an ARCHN blog reference.

For what it's worth, I'd tell that company to take a hike. If they'll ask you to lie about that, there's only more deception ahead.

Meg's Marginalia said...

I'm confused about that question. It seems like an extremely odd and unlikely request for a company to make.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Fuller resigned from the Howard Bank board in 2007 in order to devote herself full-time to the startup of Founders College. This fact was announced on AP newswire and at the annual shareholders meeting of Howard Bank, where she was acknoweledged for her invaluable service in launching one of the few great banking stories of the decade.

Anonymous said...

And then she proceeded to Rip Off numerous local vendors by requesting services she never paid for, or only did so when faced with no other choice.

You ARE right. Ms. Fuller DID bring alot to the banking industry....Greed and Self Importance.

Anonymous said...

Tamara Fuller has stolen money from me, many NYC residents and businesses seeking loans and has disappeared. Her unsuccessful FCE Enterprises has managed many negatives comments on Her self absorbed and outright fraudulent business practices will hopefully land her in jail one day...where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

Tamara Fuller, formerly of Columbia , MD and Howard Bank "board member" has stolen from me, my friends, her ex-friends and many honest unsuspecting people. She is a liar, a cheat, a manipulator and all who encounter this demon woman should beware. Her scam company, FCE Enterprises is out of business after stealing from untold numbers of hard working individuals. Yes, jail will find her one day and most deserving!

Anonymous said...

Humm, yes I must agree. She burned me too! Slick talker. After she gets your money she does not answer her phone.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Ms. Fuller, a few years ago. She is all of the bad things the people are saying. She is self-involved, narcissistic and a cheat.

Jail is definately a place that would suit her well and I am amazed that she has avoided it as long as she has.

Karma is a bitch and I look forward to hearing about the day it catches up with her. She has ruined MANY lives, many busineses and many dreams. All in the name of herself and her ego.

Shame on her!