Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Founders College News

Founders College ends spring semester early, Mary Eva Cassada reports.

In other news, I'm watching High School Musical 2 on DVD!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy late Easter!

No, for once I did not make this photoshop. It's from the Livejournal community Ayn Rand As Rabbit. Not particularly active, but has a few funny quotes.

"We at Ayn Rand As Rabbit believe firmly in Ayn Rand's likeness to a rabbit.
We further believe that for this reason, the corpse in question ought be dumped headfirst in a fifty-foot tall bucket of broccoli while reading Immanuel Kant and making love to John Zerzan. As you can see, you have just stumbled upon the greatest and most rational of communities!"

I have more thoughts about my haters. I think I wrote in one of my posts that Rand was oversensitive to the fact that she had haters and developed this persecution complex that everyone was out to get her. I concluded that since she put herself out there, you're bound to get haters as well as fans, and it should just be taken as a part of the price of fame. I'll apply this logic to myself as well; I just didn't think my blog got around enough to attract the interest of haters. I set out to be the TMZ or OK magazine of the Randisphere, so I'll take it as a step in the process.

Also as I mentioned before, the main point of the site is humor, snark, and fun. I'm a fan of Obama, but I found the Onion headline "Black guy asks Nation for Change" hella funny anyway. Loosen up people!